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i'm laura. i'm 22 and a grad student in athens, georgia. this blog contains almost exclusively: king of the hill, pretty little liars, beautiful pictures, parks and recreation, amy poehler, lost, britney spears: an angel on this earth if there ever was one™, quotes i think are cool, my personal writing, my personal ranting, feminist shit, literary shit, historical shit, harry potter, fat rob kardashian, older men, mild erotica, and selena gomez. i am a professional lover of kisses, cuddling, sex, and netflix original series (excluding hemlock grove). i am eternally and unapologetically in love with myself.


Did I really jst krash?


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Caravaggio, detail from Head of Medusa

Caravaggio, detail from Head of Medusa

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How To Date:


Step 1- Buy her pizza.

Step 2- Make her cum.

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stop saying “slut shaming” 2k14

(110% if you call shitty dress code rules “slut shaming” you’re just re-enforcing the idea that girls (middle school girls!!) are dressing to catch the sexual attention of boys and fueling the argument that that is not school appropriate… not to mention, you’re calling middle school girls sluts) 

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Instagram just got a whole lot more Biden. Welcome to Instagram @vp


Instagram just got a whole lot more Biden. Welcome to Instagram @vp

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