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i'm laura. i'm 23 and a grad student in athens, georgia. this blog contains almost exclusively: king of the hill, pretty little liars, beautiful pictures, parks and recreation, amy poehler, lost, britney spears: an angel on this earth if there ever was one™, quotes i think are cool, my personal writing, my personal ranting, radical feminist shit, literary shit, historical shit, harry potter, fat rob kardashian, older men, mild erotica, and selena gomez. i am a professional lover of kisses, cuddling, sex, and netflix original series (excluding hemlock grove). i am eternally and unapologetically in love with myself.

Anonymous asked: how often do you have sex?



How often is your dad “working late”?

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Women are everything! Every day when I interact with you ladies, I am reminded of how strong and powerful women are. You all inspire me and I’m glad to know you, even those of you I disagree with. 

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Swimming Pool, an amazing and visually confounding installation by Leandro Erlich.

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Iggy Azalea and kraft singles

That pack of kraft cheese got more singles than she do tho.


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